Stacey Chen
Associate Professor,
National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies (GRIPS)
2017/12/18 – 2018/01/07

Prof. Hsiao-Lei Chu
National Tsing Hua University
2017/08/01 – 2017/07/31

Prof. Masanori Kashiwagi
Gakushuin University
2017/10/16 – 2017/10/21

Minchung Hsu
Associate Professor,
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan.
2017/11/15 – 2017/11/16
講題: Reforming Medicaid Long Term Care Insurance

Junjian Yi
Assistant Professor  
National University of Singapore
講題:Decision Fatigue Among Physicians

Tzu-Ting Yang
Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

Chi-Yang Chu
Assistant Professor 
National Taipei University
講題:Nonparametric Quantile Regression for Double Censored Data with Application to Stock Markets with Price limits

Wen-Tai Hsu
Associate Professor 
Singapore Management University
2017/11/28 – 2018/01/03

Professor  Charles Leung
City University of Hong Kong
2017/12/11 – 2017/12/15
講題:Are Asset price movements driven by international capital flows? The case of emerging markets

Yu-Wei Chu
Senior Lecturer,
School of Economics and Finance,
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
2017/12/10 – 2018/01/20
講題:The Effects of Student Loan Access on Educational Attainment for Marginal Students

Yin-Chi Wang
Assistant Professor 
Chinese University of Hong Kong
2017/12/15 – 2017/12/27

Megumi Naoi
The University of California, San Diego, USA.

Chyong-chiou Jeng Lin
Associate Professor 
University of Pittsburgh
2017/12/19 – 2017/12/27

Myung Noah
Assistant Professor 
University of Virginia
2017/12/27 – 2017/12/29
講題:Experimental Investigation of Information Sharing Among Competitors