Chih-Sheng Hsieh
Assistant Professor of Economics
Chinese University of Hong Kong  
2019/06/21 and 2019/07/15

Ph.D. Candidate  Chung-Han Yang
Pennsylvania State University
講題:Dynamic Trade, Education, and Intergenerational Inequality

Ph.D. Candidate  Yoshiyasu  Rai
University of Wisconsin Madison
講題:Statistical Inference for Treatment Assignment Policies

Ph.D. Candidate  Yating Chuang
University of Wisconsin Madison
講題:Are Residential Energy Efficiency Programs Effective? An Empirical Analysis in Southern  California

Doctor  Benjamin Bernard
University of Alberta

Ph.D. Candidtae  Baek Yaein
The University of California, San Diego, USA.
講題:Estimation of Structural Break Point in Linear Regression Models

Ph.D. Candidate  Hanbat Jeong
Ohio State University
講題:Spatial dynamic models with intertemporal optimization II: coevolution of economic activities  and networks

Ph.D. Candidate  Wei Chen
Ohio State University
講題:Computational modeling of epiphany learning

Ph.D. Candidate  Kim Eungsik
Carnegie Mellon University
講題:Preference Heterogeneity, Aggregate Risk, and the Welfare Effects of Social Security

Ph.D. Candidate  Eunbi Ko
Pennsylvania State University
講題:Labor Force Participation and Job Search of Households       

Ph.D. Candidate  Hon Ho Kwok
University of Wisconsin-Madison
講題:Network Identification Methods Based on Change of Basis

Assistant Vice President of Research  William Dupor 
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
2019/02/18 – 2020/02/22

Minchung Hsu
Associate Professor,
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan.
2019/02/18 – 2019/02/19

Ph.D. Candidate  Chenk Shing Leung
McGill University
講題:The Optimal Progressivity of Income Tax for Couples

Professor  Tai-Kuang Ho
National Tsing Hua University
講題:Was Capital Flows the Culprit of the Weimar Economic Crisis?

 Assistant Professor  Josie I Chen
National Taipei University
講題:Identity, Trust and Altruism:An Experiment on Preferences and Microfinance Lending

Chief Editor  Gerd Muehlheusser
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 
University of Hamburg 
2019/04/01 – 2019/04/05

Professor  Peter Moffatt
University of East Anglia
2019/04/08 – 2019/04/14

Assistant Professor  Joshua Tseng
National Taipei University      
2019/04/08 – 2019/04/14
Post-Doctoral Research

Associate  Benson Tsz Kin Leung
University of Cambridge-INET Institute    
2019/04/17 – 2019/04/18   
講題:Information Overload and Confirmation Bias

Associate Professor  Yao Amber Li
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2019/04/17 – 2019/04/20
講題:Quality, Variable Markups, and Welfare: A Quantitative General Equilibrium Analysis of Export Prices

 Assistant Professor  David J. Price
University of Toronto
2019/05/08 – 2019/05/10
講題:The Long-Term Effects of Cash Assistance

Elaine Liu
Associate Professor of Economics,    
University of Houston, USA.
University of Houston
2019/05/21 – 2019/06/14

Professor  AOKI, Kosuke
University of Tokyo
講題:Monetary and Financial Policies In Emerging Markets

Associate Professor  Stacey Chen
GRIPS National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan.
2019/06/21 – 2019/06/28

Hsien-Chang Lin
Associate Professor,
Department of Applied Health Science,
Indiana University, USA.
2019/07/18 – 2019/07/31
2019/12/16 – 2019/12/27

Professor  Nicolo Pecora
Assistant Professor,
Department of Economic and Social Sciences,
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy.
2019/10/28 – 2019/11/22

Professor  Heiwai Tang
The University of Hong Kong
2019/11/25 – 2019/11/29

Assistant Professor  Cheuk Shing Leung
2019/08/01 – 2019/08/12

Associate Professor  Janet Hui-Wen Hsiao
The University of Hong Kong
2019/08/12 – 2019/08/16

Associate Professor  Yohanes Eko Riyanto
Nanyang Technological University
2019/10/23 – 2019/10/26
講題:Nudging Ride-hailing Platform Users to Book a Ride when Fares are Low: A Large Scale Natural Field Experimen

Assistant Professor  Yu-Hsiang Lei
Yale-NUS College
2019/11/25 – 2019/11/26

Professor Ka-Yui Leung
City University of Hong Kong
2019/12/10 – 2019/12/15

Wanyu Chung
Assistant Professor of Economics,
University of Birmingham, UK.
2019/12/17 – 2019/12/10

Tai-Sen He
Assistant Professor,
Economics Programme,
School of Social Sciences,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
2019/12/23 – 2020/01/03
講題:On the Developmental Origin of Intrinsic Honesty

Assistant Professor  Yi-Shan Lee
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2019/12/09 – 2019/12/26

Professor  Jae-Nam Lee
Korea University
2019/11/18 – 2019/11/22

Briana Chang
Associate Professor of Finance,
Wisconsin School of Business,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
2019/12/16 – 2020/01/03
講題:OTC Market Structure under Reforms

Assistant Professor  Greg Phelan
Williams College
2019/12/20 – 2019/12/26
講題:Should Monetary Policy Target Financial Stability?