Stacey Chen
Professor of Economics,
Graduate School of Public Policy,
University of Tokyo, Japan.


Nicoló Pecora
Assistant Professor,
Department of Economic and Social Sciences,
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy.

2022/2/1- 2022/8/31

Yunmin Chen
Assistant Professor,
Department of Applied Economics,
National Chiayi University, Taiwan.


Tsung-Hsien Li
Ph.D. candidate,
Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences,
University of Mannheim, Germany.

2022/4/18- 2022/4/30

Ping Wang
Department of Economics,
Washington University in St. Louis, USA.

2022/5/31- 2022/7/28

Hsien-Chang Lin
Associate Professor,
Department of Applied Health Science,
Indiana University, USA.

2022/6/13- 2022/7/15

Hsin-Yen Yang
Associate Professor,
Department of Communication Studies,
Fort Hays State University, USA.

2022/6/20- 2022/7/29
2022/12/21- 2023/1/11

Hsin-Tien Tiffany Tsai
Assistant Professor,
Department of Economics,
National University of Singapore, Singapore.

2022/6/27- 2022/7/6

Minchung Hsu
Associate Professor,
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan.

2022/7/21- 2022/8/11

Wanyu Chung
Associate Professor,
Department of Economics,
University of Birmingham, UK.

2022/10/1- 2022/12/31

Attila Lindner
Professor of Economics,
University College London, UK.

2022/12/12- 2022/12/15

Briana Chang
Associate Professor of Finance,
Wisconsin School of Business,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.


Yu-Wei Luke Chu
Senior Lecturer,
School of Economics and Finance,
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.


Yu-Ting Chiang
Economist of Research Division,
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, USA.

2022/12/21- 2023/1/4

Tai-sen He
Assistant Professor,
Economics Programme,
School of Social Sciences,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.